Making Sunglasses Safe Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

After losing her eye in a car accident due to shattered sunglasses, Blue Eye founder Hannah Oliver has been on a mission to create safe and stylish eyewear for everyone.

The Story of How Sunglasses Changed My Life Forever

I'm Hannah Oliver, founder of Blue Eye Sunglasses. I always loved wearing sunglasses, but it wasn’t until one fateful day that my love of sunglasses changed my life.

On August 3, 2021, I was involved in a car accident when my airbag deployed and my beautiful designer sunglasses that I cherished shattered: those multiple jagged shards of cheap plastic impaled my right eye causing it to deflate, detach from my retina, and severe my optic nerve.

Until this point in my life, I thought wearing sunglasses would protect my eyes but little did I know the pair of sunglasses that sat less than a inch from my eye would be the reason I am partially blind. 

During the next year of my life I would endure six surgeries to repair the damage my sunglasses had caused. I have since learned this happens all too often to others not only through car accidents but through everyday occurrences.

Blue Eye provides a safer yet stylish option when it comes to sunglasses: we offer high quality lenses that are shatter resistant from impacts, protecting you from UVA and UVB Rays all while setting a stylish trend. In addition, for each pair of Blue Eye sunglasses sold we will give back a portion of profits to eye research in hopes of helping others who have lost their eyesight.

Sunglasses truly changed my life and now I hope that Blue Eye can change yours by being on the forefront of the Eyewear Industry. So come explore my collection and let us redefine the way you see the world through one pair of sunglasses at a time.

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The Story Behind Each of Our Styles


When starting Blue Eye our founder wanted to tell her story of loss, healing, and acceptance through her product design. Hannah lost her right eye due to her "designer shades" shattering in an automobile accident.

These black on black metal frames represent the beginning of her long and often dark journey. To honor this time she named these frames GRADY to thank the surgeons and staff at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

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After Hannah's accident there were many months of healing and multiple surgeries ensued putting Hannah on the road to wellness and recovery.

These stylish tortoise frames represent Hannah’s healing journey: as the tortoise comes out its shell to move ahead, so has Hannah. To honor this time in her life she named these frames EMORY to thank the Oculoplastics surgeons that worked on her at Emory Eye Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Two years after Hannah tragic accident, she launched a new line of stylish shatter resistant sunglasses.

These midnight black cat eye inspired sunglasses are to represent the ending of her loss and healing; as well as the celebration of Blue Eye. These frames are named TONI after Antonio Alcorta (Toni), the oculus that helped Hannah finally receive her prosthetic eye 15 months after her accident.

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